About Mr. Moshy

Mr.Moshy Matsui is a 56 years old businessman, trainer, social worker, educationist, politician and technocrat.

Moshy’s mother – Ms.Dakshidya Das Matsui – is a scientist, research scholar, who works for a reputed college in the country. She married to a Japanese scientist professor, when she visited a university in Nara, Japan, for a research project in 1960. Ms.Das worked with Mr.Masashy Matsui, a man equipped with incredible analytical thinking, who could intuitively predict growth process of an element with utter preciseness. The duo gave birth to Moshy in 1962.

Moshy’s parents separated in 1974 and Moshy comes to India along with her Ma (Mom), While growing up he developed interest in POLITICS and became an MLA. But the journey did not last long and he quit active politics. One day, while in search for an interesting career path he thought of developing trained politician for the country and started a training organization.

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Today, Moshy is heading the country’s first virtual organization PO’leaders Pvt. Ltd.– designed to develop trained politicians. Mr.Moshy and his properties are owned by Maan Media Vision Pvt. Ltd. Whereas; Moshy is hired by Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd., as a consultant, to work for world’s first socio-political digital platform for Indian voters’ community.