Who we are

Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd. is designed to support an innovative social mission.

This mission is to empower and enable voters/citizens to play active and more descriptive role in the prevailing democratic process. They should not feel restricted as voter, who has a task to cast her/his vote on a specific date in a span of 5 years. To make the mission realistic the team works with the JiT (Just-in-Time) mindset that offers realistic work models and processes to the organization. The mission is to support by the organization emotionally, technically, financially. Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd. is set to develop a team of committed professionals, from different locations of the country.

The objective is to offer opportunity to those who’ve zeal and capacity to learn for developing a better future for their native communities. The team of Social Leaders will help in developing processes and policies to enable mission achieve the set goals. Vision of the organization is to enable citizens participate in country’s growth in more constructive and organized way.

This is perhaps the first socio-political experiment, wherein a huge number of people participation is expected to design an ecosystem that is SECURED and ENABLED. The end objective of the organization is to empower citizens to redefine democracy with the help of new standards and practices.

The digital platform offers a load of exciting and constructive activities for the citizens. It promises to train and enable country for deriving constructive results from this DIGITAL KUMBH, as active member of this new socio-political democratic set-up.

Moshy Org Structure

This digital platform encourages citizens to help and support the prevailing political framework in finding practical and long lasting solutions to all relevant problems. They are also sensitized to help develop a constructive environment for developing social and economical status of the country.

The platform identifies 4 critical manifesto pillars that are majorly responsible for the growth of any society –

  1.    Quality and Cost effective Education for all citizens.
  2. Quick and Cost effective justice to all – maximum within 1 or 2 years.
  3.    Cost effective and equal healthcare facilities to all, without discrimination.
  4.  BMI (Basic Minimum Income) for all.

There are other glittering elements of the digital platform that work as enablers of a solution based society –

  • Manifesto Analysis Tool (MAT)
  • Referendum
  • Moshy’s Cupshup news channel
  • Edutainment based, exciting training and skilling tools to induct new generation help developing solution based future for themselves, as true leaders.
  • Opportunity to view and organize Digital Dharna, Campaign and other digital activities that are equally impacting as in case of non-digital on ground yet constructive for the community.
  • Different exciting online contests and events.

    Moshy Movement is a profit making organization to help and support its noble project that is carried out as an experiment for empowering the citizens. The success of this experiment will determine the journey of this mission, if implemented globally, as answer to many challenges that the global human community face today.

    The organization is committed to develop an eco system that relies on constructive and creative thinking for finding solutions to different problems and challenges.