Mr.Moshy was conceptualized as a socio-political character for imparting managing skills with about 200 million bright youngsters of the country. Since the socio-political attire of Moshy drew media attention and also of many political groups, that kick started the process of Moshy Mission and his Digital Platform, in 2018. Moshy Mission was soon on the ground in Allahabad and Mathura, wherein it was welcomed in Mathura city, by the residents with open arms.

Alongside many groups were formed on different social networking platforms, wherein individuals from different domains joined in to share their views.

The 2 different prototypes were going on following 2 different paths – on ground in Mathura city and on different social networking sides. This testing process or prototype continued for about 8 months with utmost rigor and seriousness.

Besides excitement the prototype enabled the core team develop a working model and many processes, practices and policies.

One of the key learning of the prototype has been receptiveness of the sample audience. People want a model to participate in prevailing political process but they hesitate because there’s none today other than the conventional and weather beaten self styled one. The team also felt in spite of a visible zeal demonstrated by many, there was a hidden hesitation too about standing in spotlight.

Country is ready to experiment if a support is extended along with a scientific training.