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voters manch

The thought of designing and gifting a manch to the voters, is a result of 2-3 decades long observation of the democratic process that are practiced in the country. The circle of democracy cannot be completed without active participation of the voters. There are many gaps exit today in our socio-political framework.

There are two possibilities – either we wait for someone to descend from heaven to help us have a solution to bridge these gaps or we apply our creative thinking to find out solutions. Moshy favored the later one and decided to create first ever manch dedicated to voters. The objective is to open a healthy dialogue with our politicians, help them find solutions to our problems collectively and also to develop a new work force of Social Leaders.

Moshy Mission is a more social mission. However, it is to support our political framework by active participation of our voters or citizens. There are two stake holders of any democratic setup – politicians and voters.

Without having voters active participation in the process, democracy cannot offer tangible results to a country. This is the premise of Moshy Mission. Mission does not have intent to be political. But it continues to revolve around the boundaries of our political institutions. The other drawn out tasks of the mission is to create an eco system of positivity and security to help individuals feel happy.


Moshy’s entire political frame wok will be dynamic and a blend of tradition Indian practices wrapped around with dynamic global challenges –

  •  Moshy believes in providing means to all and kick starts a healthy competition for those who deserve.
  • Moshy respects culture and religion values however, does not support these 2 elements to be used for selfish reasons to hinder social growth.
  •  Moshy also believes in and encourages Creative Thinking and Inventions. Economy of any society or country cannot take a leap without these two.
  • Moshy believes in easy and simple policies and practices for a society to move on. Complicated and meaningless policies and practices kills talents.
  •  Moshy thinks globally.
  •  Moshy values TIME and RESOURCE – work taken will be executed within a committed timeline, with ownership, without wasting resource. For example, projects are given to individuals, by name, with a plan (date and value) and those individuals will be made responsible for the success or failure of the projects.
  • Moshy’s political framework does not encourage charities – it believes in EMPOWERING individuals.
  •  Moshy believes that an individual MUST GET RESPECT OF HER/HIS EXISTENCE.

Moshy Mission kick starts change for collective betterment, with the help of citizens. Mission supports solutions based social practices. It believes in creating opportunities to inject a feeling of belonging for all 1.3 billion Indians Mission also recognizes native asset of an individual, who s/he has born with. The term Cod of Conducts can never be static.

There’s a small list given below that surely be modified with time –

  • Avoid negative comments and practices. Criticize with civil language and gestures.
  • Try support the political frame work without being part of it.
  •  Support paradigm shift of solutions based thinking than cribbing about problems.
  • Cultivate skills and talents to feel positive and empowered.
  • Say NO to free bees – discourage reservation based politics.
Thank you
Code of Conducts