Political Analysis

Moshy during his political career has always been in favor of performance analysis of political parties and politicians. Moshy says that the politics has a visible influence on us. In fact our behavior is largely governed by political cognitive behavior.

In such case it is important for us to stay honest about analyzing political process, without being emotional. A mature democracy runs on a solid track of rational thinking behavior of voters.

Unfortunately, we the people of the biggest democracy use emotional spark more than the rational one, to act. Moshy Mission, without being, prescribes the need for objective evaluation of manifesto points that are utilized by the political parties for their election campaign. Mission is developing tool/s that are capable of evaluating performance of any political party basis their manifesto points – MAT (Manifesto Analysis Tool) is one of such tools.

There’re other tools that are to be developed for analyzing and predicting the growth of political practices in the country their reflective results. In fact, Moshy, in his journalist avatar, will use specific prescribed processes for his Talk Show – Cupshup.