Evolution of Mr. Moshy and Moshy Mission_written and developed by Ashish Maan

Here is the sequence of events that helped evolve Mr. Moshy as a concept and a Mission –

Mr.Moshy – The Virtual CharacterHow the character is conceptualized. The objective for which Mr.Moshy was conceptualized and developed.
Moshy MissionThe reasons for developing a socio-political mission around Mr.Moshy – the objective, processes, standards and future plans.
Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd.The need for developing an organization.
Mr.Moshy profiles_20-June-2017c.jpg
Moshy Sticker_14-May-2019.jpg

I don’t know if it’s important here to briefly discuss and share the evolution of a character that was conceptualized to serve a small requirement. And now has expanded its wings and taken off to seize a new horizon for itself. This evolution of this character, even I, the creator of the concept, could not imagine. Today it has become important to share the journey as this concept is not a mere concept but a thought that has started influencing the behavior of it customers and also a larger audience.

The concept is a commitment to serve a larger purpose for mankind that has remained largely ignored for a long time. When a thought grows beyond a concept then we need to help such thought grow into an ecosystem. Mr. Moshy has now its own bespoke ecosystem.

Mr. Moshy, a virtual gentleman, appeared in my mind with a specific purpose. The idea was to deliver learning using a storyline – conceptualized in beginning 2014. The concepts and principles will be seamlessly weaved into the storyline. Most professional learning has two attributes – it was considered serious learning and was limited to an exclusive set of people.

Management education was no exception. Learning management was restricted to a small percent of the population and remained so exclusive. I felt that management principles needed to be learned and implemented by all working professionals. To make our nation a formidable economic force in the world, we needed to increase the levels of professionalism across all levels of work. This needed a separate line of thinking and designing.

The unique requirements for such a course were:

  • This course is targeted at a large segment of audience,
  • The educational qualification of the target audience will be basic – maybe limited to school or even class X,
  • They will not have time as they will be working professionals,
  • They have price and cost limitation,
  • They have language limitations, and
  • They have short attention span

Keeping the above limitations and the overriding need for learning and learning delivery, Mr. Moshy and his ecosystem became key.

I wanted to help the youth learn management practices, by making management simple, story-based and using simple delivery methods.

This aspiration gave birth to a comic story that was to revolve around the central character of Mr. Moshy Matsui. The concepts and principles of management will be weaved around the life and times of Mr. Moshy! And this is what is unique about this entire design – using entertaining engaging stories to enable learning otherwise called Edutainment!

This led to the design and development of Mr. Moshy and his e-comics curriculum!

I then extended the wireframe of the story and developed the profile of Mr. Moshy. Mr. Moshy was born in Japan. Mr. Moshy and his family consisted of his mother who is an Indian professor and a research scholar. His father was a Japanese senior professor and a research scholar. Moshy returned to India along with his mom when he was young. While growing up, he developed an interest in political practices that led him to become an MLA. Unfortunately, he could not pursue his political career for long because of leg pulling by his colleagues and members of the opposition party. Finally, Moshy decided to quit his political career.

While in sabbatical he continued thinking of a purposeful assignment for himself. One day he made a dhobi list of all possible career options. While evaluating all these options, he realized that each career requires learning or at least a training course. Thinking back, Mr. Moshy realized that politics doesn’t have a course or training.

Mr.Moshy profiles_20-June-2017d.jpgAs Moshy thought on, he realized that Indian politicians too need a professional course and decides to develop trained politicians for our country. Mr. Moshy, at 54, registered the world’s first training organization to train and develop individuals from the society into politicians. The name he decided for his organization is PO’leaders Pvt Ltd.

Moshy believes in two things:

  • Never leave your unique existence, which actually defines your independence. Independent views and thinking is the real independence else it is a copy and paste of thinking. And your brain is governed by another person’s thinking process. And beyond a point, your brain is a dead brain.
  • Global human societies are similar. As per Moshy, the virtual lines that define borders and create different countries is a result of rotten minds and hence is baseless. Humans are no different from each other but for their skin colors. Their body organs, their functioning and feeling are just the same. If this is the case, why do we fight over these virtual lines?

Inspired by his beliefs, Moshy decided to develop a unique leadership team for his organization. He made a unique policy for recruitment, which demands a leadership team to be of a non-Indian background, yet married to an Indian and settled here. He patiently searched and found such individuals, covering almost all continents of the world.

Following the principles of character creation, I carefully developed and documented the psychoanalysis of Mr. Moshy and the 13 characters of the PO’leaders Pvt Ltd leadership and management team.

It took me more than 3 years to complete:

  • The wireframe of the concept,
  • Character drawing and sketching,
  • Conceiving and developing the edutainment model
  • Designing and developing a learning curriculum,
  • Plan to evolve the concept (product design and build plan) and
  • Moshy Article_9-Apr-2020.jpgDevelop the two comic stories on management.

In 2019, the general election was in the air and prompted more innovative thoughts . Since the basic profile of Mr. Moshy is politics and his visible desire is to enable and empower the society, this was an opportune time to develop the concept further. Citizen of an enabled society must actively participate in the development of the country.

Mr. Moshy now became a larger entity. From its basic characteristic to enable learning and education, Mr. Moshy now was delving into deeper socio-political and participative synergies.

 With the general elections of 2019, Mr. Moshy diversified into its newest avatar – a voter’s representative and a symbol. Mr. Moshy was now adding another dimension to its characteristic – designing a new work model in the socio-political framework. This socio-political need is to redefine democracy for the largest democracy in the world. What is the need for redefining democracy for India?

As per Moshy redefining models, concepts and practices, is a healthy process that needs to be initiated at regular intervals. We did try reviewing the given process of democracy time-to-time in the last 70 years but felt it difficult to redefine it with required intentions. Democracy is an experiment that needs refining as we further learn the nuances and requirements of the model. Today, we are more empowered with new technological advancements. These technological advancements can help us to seamlessly integrate some of the features enshrined into direct democracy by the founding fathers of the concept of democracy. These new features need to be reintroduced in a new avatar into the representative democracy that we as a nation follow. Today, active participation of the voters and citizens is a necessity.

After an intense study and research, and a detailed RCA (Root Cause Analysis), I found that the process of redefining and improving our representative democracy wasn’t initiated by anyone in the past. The gaps in this weather-beaten model have caused disappointments and stagnation across the voters and citizenry. The learning was simple – democracy is for the people and by the people. This is the reason active participation in the political process is imperative. Is it happening? No!!! From my understanding and research, I found:

  • Voters don’t have a place where they stand and say something and from where they can be heard too.
  • Voters don’t practice democracy, as active stake holders, to help build the society and country.
  • Voters don’t know; what is the process to ensure that their thought is received well.
  • Voters felt that their representatives were not accessible to hear them and solve their problems and concerns.
  • There is a need for a mechanism to have a systematic communication dialogue between citizens/voters and politicians for collective growth.
  • Voters don’t try helping political framework be effective at delivering results with their visible participation.
Moshy Mission Concept Diagram_5-Mar-2020.png

Here comes the concept of participative and collective growth!

Moshy Mission is to redefine democracy by creating a positive eco system for collective growth with the combined synergies of politicians and voters or citizens.

The philosophy of the Moshy Mission believes in accountability and responsibility, which enables individuals take positive steps for causing a difference instead of cribbing someone or system or group without doing anything tangible for it.

With these gaps showing up, a new integrated forum was required. This is the basis of developing the concept of “Digital Manch” (or Dais) for 900 million legitimate voters of the country.

Shared this concept across a sample audience including select media professionals and friends. This led to the next level of interaction where I started direct interaction with professionals and the media too.

One of the young media professionals developed stories on this concept. Advocates of the Allahabad High Court invited us over to Allahabad to share the idea with them on 3rd December 2018. They suggested to develop a proper model, a process for the voters and to understand POA (plan of action). I subsequently documented the model, process and POA and released it on 18th December 2018.

Adv_4-dec-2018-Final.pngStudying different social networking sites, I managed to identify suitable platforms to engage with more and more people.  I individually managed 14 WhatsApp groups and 4 Facebook pages to test the concept. This process continued till 31st July 2019. This process churned out precious learning for me and my support team.

By now a core team was cobbled together of close friends and those who always wished to participate in bringing about substantial change. However, this experiment of testing the ground for gradual implementation of the model showed several things:

  • The country wasn’t ready yet to receive and implement Moshy Mission.
  • The dry run using various social media tools like WhatsApp and Facebook pages should be temporarily suspended till the time is appropriate to restart them.

This is important to mention specific critical spade work carried out between July 2019 to January-2020.

Moshy Voters Manifesto_7-Jan-2019.pngBy now, it was time to finalize the character of the mission. Should it be an NGO or should it operate as a For Profit organization. Soon I realized that it’s critical to have a profit motive to ensure that we focus on efficiencies, be self-sufficient and simultaneously generate revenues too.

This decision helped me design and develop a sound business model. This was critical to get investors to invest in this organization. This was also critical to ensure that this become a viable solution for all. With this decision, I started designing and developing the organization’s structure, its policies and processes, and its various departments. I had to document the practices, the team structure and the skillsets required to meet the challenging goals that are simultaneously socio-political, lofty, experimental, and yet commercially viable.

To prototype the Moshy Mission on ground, some youngsters in Mathura district volunteered. Once I trained (Moshy’s Eco-Sys) on the requirement, explained to them the specific nuances of the mission, they were ready to participate in the rapid prototyping. The Mathura campaign subsequently turned out a great success. City residents embraced and drove the mission with complete zeal and rigor. The campaign continued till June 2019.

Mathura Sabha_7-April-2019f.jpgPost finalizing the four pillars or focus areas for the Mission, I decided to develop some tangible solutions. The first focus area was the Education pillar. Given the Mathura connect; I met some amazing entrepreneurs who were dedicated to education as a business. They also believed in adding value to their enterprise and to learning as a whole.

This led me to design and develop the Moshy Model Wisdom Learning (MMWL) curriculum for students of classes 4-10. This is a well-crafted curriculum that sits alongside the conventional course. This helps the child to develop their wisdom using a realistic and well-rounded learning process.

MMWL_concept diagram_23-June-2019.pngMMWL is the country’s first training program that believes in dynamic and rational learning methods.                                             

After completing the digital groups and social media experimentations, I had to consolidate the learning. These learning outcomes required me to do more research and enable more self-training tasks.

During this learning cycle, I identified a group of students in Bangalore, who were learning creative content developing skills. These students designed and developed a short video sequence for one of Moshy Mission’s concept Cupshup.

Subsequently, I restarted the Mission in February 2020 and developed a simplified version of the Moshy Mission concept along with a more refined business model. I also worked to implement a more efficient wireframe for the Mission’s digital platforms.

The Corona crisis was an opportunity to test Moshy Digital Sabha. The format required us to invite experts in the fields of Judiciary, Healthcare, Education/Training, and Economic solutions to share their thoughts and wisdom with the Moshy team. These talks focused on how the Mission can be made more realistic to benefit the voters and citizen. The Moshy Digital Sabha turned out to be a great success and to date there are 12 such Sabha that have been very well received.

As the story of Mr. Moshy’s life and times evolve, I am now developing the personal story of Moshy so that we can develop interesting movies, serials, games on the Moshy platform. I am also designing an interesting business model that can be implemented across international boundaries for the global entertainment industry.

Some of the Mr. Moshy’s favorite phrases are:

  • Shift focus from too much emotional thinking to simple rational thinking,
  • Prompt the new generation to utilize wisdom thinking rather than pattern thinking,
  • Let us believe more in action than just in talks,
  • Collective effort for human development and advancement,
  • Enable and empower individuals to work for one’s own self instead of remaining dependent on a group of people, and
  • Last but not the least stop cribbing or talking about problems and instead focus on Action based on thought out solutions.

Today Moshy Mission is developing many creative projects to develop and implement in the country to help citizens derive benefits. The digital platform is also being developed. Although  the speed is not of the expected speed due to lack of fund however, the investment hunt is ON and soon the entire mission will be rolling for the people, by the people.

Moshy Mission is an experiment to enable and empower citizens take responsibility to participate in active socio-political communication process to look after their welfare and help develop the country. This is an effort for redefining the democracy, wherein the political framework with the support of the citizens develop an ecosystem for collective growth, following wisdom based positive frame of mind.  

Concept and Creation – Ashish Maan

Language, perspective and technical editing – Pradyumna Chaudhuri

Was there a strategy to mitigate Corona pandemic?

Was there a strategy to mitigate Corona pandemic?

Corona pandemic, economic disruption of 2008 and climate change upheaval are a few of the onslaughts that we are known to. They threaten lives both physically and economically. There are a few who survive and rest, a vast majority, is left to survive in inhuman conditions. Around 80 per cent of our population earning less than Rs 10,000 a month is destroyed. The industry also gets destroyed as buyers from the market disappear leaving inventories of the industry and business. Theories that the high growth rate and trickle down will percolate to them is not truly proved to effective in India to that extent.

While fighting Corona is the top most priority now, what about it’s economic impact on the helpless, the 80 per cent? Moshy Mission, a movement for bringing happiness in each life, has been offering a policy architecture to deal with situations like Corona, economic and climate change disruptions.
The Mission trying to build public opinion on the happiness generating policies through an animated character Mr. Moshy digitally, is also offering solutions like education tools, to begin with. We have already prepared a wisdom learning programme and are working on just-in-time education models.

Moshy Mission proposes four core measures to deal with most of problems of India and ultimately the world. It says almost free justice within one or two years from a court, government or even legislature; equal and almost free education to the children of the president and a rickshaw puller up to 18 years, a happiness allowance of Rs 1000 for each adult each month (nobody excluded) and almost free and equal medical care to the president and the poorest.

Education has to achieve three major goals – emotional and health development till the age of 12 years of age; training to be an effective citizen and responsible social individual and finally self-dependent. As health is part of happiness, a child is taught nutrition, well-rounded emotional personality dealing with difficulties, sports, cooperation, relationship, relationship with flora and fauna, humanity, innovation, creativity, hygiene, sanitation, disaster fighting training, military training, etc, students so trained would be in the frontline to tackle a situation like Corona. They would have helped spread scientific knowledge and protected themselves. We as a nation are not able to perform this duty due to lack of authentic knowledge. Knowledge gaps are filled by whatever outdated stuff we have as we were never trained to acquire right knowledge and skills for a particular situation in our education system. We do not even know the technique of acquiring just-in-time education to deal with a situation like Corona. It is just a brief explanation of education. We also say that all entrance examinations should not carry the condition of graduation so that the people are not forced to waste time and money of parents and the government and the same amount, even less, will take care of education for all till 18 years of age. Education up to 18 years is mandatory.
Happiness allowance of Rs 1000 per month is transferred to each individual from 18 years onwards every month even if somebody is even rich. A question may be asked why rich. The transfer will come with some conditions. It will automatically generate and income an tax return for each individual. A person getting Rs 1000 per month will see this money being deducted for creating unhappy situations like not following hygiene, sanitation, public disorder and things in the category of creating an unhappy situation but not being a criminal act. It will lead to the people following most of instructions that the government asks them to follow for public order, safety and growth. Not following these things leads to the loss of billions of rupees to the exchequer.

Free and universal healthcare will help early or even time-bound scanning of diseases preventing a huge loss of productivity of an individual and loss to the government to deal with high expenditure diseases. When the government is bound to provide free and equal healthcare, it cannot ignore things like environmental degradation, unhealthy food and lifestyle which Moshy Mission education system already teaches.

Similar efforts in the case of Corona would have made the task of the government and the people easier as medical and testing facilities would have been adequate; minimum income loss could have been taken care by the happiness allowance and an informed population would have cooperated with the government. Janata curfew and beating thalis or talis would not have remained just symbolic. It is not late that the government turns to the agenda of the Moshy Mission.

Experts are already saying virus attacks are going to be more frequent than we earlier had due to the humans invading spaces of animals due to either greed or exploring unknown tastes and experiences.

Sanjay Sharma – Core Member Moshy Mission

डिजिटल बंद – रचनात्मक राजनीतिक विरोध शैली

डिजिटल बंद – रचनात्मक राजनीतिक विरोध शैली

#मोशी #अभियान द्वारा 91 करोड़ माननीय #मतदाताओं के लिए बनाए गए एक #डिजिटल #मंच पर #राजनीतिक कार्य प्रणाली को एक रचनात्मक रूप देने का प्रयास किया जा रहा है। ये नई रचनात्मक प्रणाली अधिक कारगर है और देश की संपत्ति को भी नुकसान नहीं पहुँचाती है। व्यक्ति या दल की किसी बात से सहमति न रखना और विरोध करना, लोकतंत्र की एक महत्वपूर्ण प्रक्रिया है। किन्तु इस प्रक्रिया के कई दोष भी सामने आए हैं जिसमे लोगो को प्रदर्शन और बंद के दौरान होने वाला कष्ट प्रमुख हैं। साथ ही कुछ उपद्रवी तत्वों द्वारा समाज और देश की संपत्ति को नुकसान पहुँचाना एक आम बात है। मोशी रचनात्मक समाधान की सोच का समर्थन करते हैं।

मोशी द्वारा बनाया गया माननीय मतदाता का मंच #प्रदर्शन और विरोध जताने की प्रक्रिया को सांकेतिक करने का सुझाव देता है – डिजिटल बंद के रुप में। ये प्रक्रिया कम कारगर कदापि भी नहीं है, अपितु ये बाज़ार या सड़क पे किये जाने वाले बंद से अधिक प्रभावशाली है क्योंकि एक तो ये डिजिटल होने के कारण अधिक लोगों की नज़र में आता है और दूसरा मोशी मंच के करोड़ों मतदाताओं को एक अवसर देता है कि वो भी अपना मत बंद के पक्ष में या विरोध में दें। राजनीतिक दल इस प्रक्रिया का लाभ अपनी रण शैली बनाने में कर सकते हैं। ये प्रक्रिया प्रभावशाली/कारगर होने के साथ-साथ कम खर्चीली भी साबित हुई है।

Digital Bandh (Closedown)

Digital Bandh (Closedown)

Moshy Mission is to redefine many social and political practices. It does not have an intention to break away from any convention practice, without a reason; rather it is to redefine specific practices to reduce the negative affect without damaging the objective/intent of the identified practices. For example, it is their democratic right of political parties to register their disagreements. They call on band to make it visible to the citizens/voters too. But, this practice troubles those, who’re not concerned at all.

The objective of a bandh is to demonstrate agitation by not offering service to the nation for a stipulated time. Moshy Mission offers a paradigm shift, without diluting the objective of a bandh. Now political parties can go for a “Digital Bandhon the Moshy Digital platform.

Parties can use archive images.

Give name (title) to each bandh

They can also give reason/s to their bandh

The area they identify for the bandh can also be depicted with the help of a map

Number of people directly affected

Number of people, supporting the bandh

Duration of the bandh (hours, days)

Benefits for the parties –

There are some significant benefits to the political parties –

  1. A large number of people come to know about their bandh and agenda
  2. Considering the benefit they derive, the cost of hiring a place on Moshy digital platform turns out to be a cost effective proposition for a political party
  3. They also get an idea if people, who are not concerned, are in favor or not. Moshy’s digital platform users will give their opinion/vote by simply saying YES or NO about the bandh. This data can be archived and utilized by a specific party.
  4. Such data of series of bandh can be analyzed and interpreted by political parties for developing strategies for their campaign/s

 Benefits for the society/people –

The first, benefit goes to the country by saving resource and time

Second benefit is not risking the public property at stake

बदलाव प्रक्रिया विचार से प्रारम्भ, प्रणाली से संपन्न होती है !

मोशी अभियान एक बहुत ही मौलिक प्रश्न से प्रारम्भ हुआ – देश में बदलाव सभी चाहते हैं लेकिन ये होगा कैसे…? शादी, पार्टी, दोस्तों के संग चाय की चुस्की लेते वक़्त हम हमेशा अपने समाज और देश के प्रति फिकरमंद दिखे और जमके नेताओं को, लोगों को पानी पी पी कर कोसे और फिर आ गए अपने घर। ये प्रकरण हमने अपने पिता को अपने मित्रों के संग करते देखा हमने भी वही परिपाटी चलाई और अब शायद मेरा पुत्र भी यही करेगा – यानि कि 3 पीढ़ियां चली जाएंगी एक ऐसी प्रक्रिया को करते हुए जिसका कोई परिणाम निकलने वाला नहीं है। कुछ ऐसा ही सोचा एक छोटे से ग्रुप ने, कि अब बात करने से कोई लाभ नहीं। अब या तो ये नकारात्मक बातों को बंद किया जाए या फिर कुछ समाधान ढूँढा जाए। यही विचार पर कार्य किया गया और एक मॉडल तैयार किया गया साथ ही कई कारगर कार्य प्रणाली बनाई गईं। ये सभी कुछ मोशी अभियान के स्वरुप में आपके समक्ष लाई जा रही है। मोशी अभियान देश को सकारात्मक विचारों की प्रक्रिया में लगाता है, जिसके फलस्वरूप प्रत्येक देशवासी स्वयं के भीतर की एक नेतृत्व देने वाली शक्ति को संचारित कर देश के विकास में अपना सहयोग दे सकता है। अभियान देश के कोने कोने से सामाजिक नेताओं की एक नई खेप बनाने की चेष्टा है। मोशी अभियान एक अत्यंत नया एवं रचनात्मक प्रयोग है। आइये आप स्वयं इसका अनुभव करिये…। – मोशी अभियान सदस्य (आशीष मान)

मोशी अभियान – माननीय मतदाता का पहला अपना मंच !!

अब शायद बॉलीवुड भी अपनी फिल्मों की कहानियों में बदलाव करेगा। नई जनरेशन (पीढ़ी) अब उन कहानियों को देखती और सुनती आगे नहीं बढ़ेगी जिसमे जीवन के संघर्ष से जूझता हुआ नायक आगे बढ़ता है लेकिन दर्शकों को उसकी परेशानियां अंदर से हिला जाती हैं। अब कहानीकार अपनी कहानियों को अलग प्रकार से अलंकृत करेंगे। मोशी हमें किसी व्यक्ति, समाज या समूह पे आश्रित रहकर अपने जीवन की जिम्मेदारियों से भागने की बजाय अपनी जिम्मेदारियों के साथ समाज और देश की जिम्मेदारियों को भी लेने का आह्वान करने की सलाह देता है। राजनीति किसी देश का एक अभिन्न अंग है किन्तु उसमें परोक्ष रूप से ली गयी भागीदारी हमें देश के प्रति उदासीन करती है। मोशी हमें प्रत्यक्ष भागीदारी के लिए एक मंच और कई मज़ेदार और कारगर प्रणाली मुहैया कराता है।

Moshy Mission Concept Diagram_5-Mar-2020

Moshy Mission Concept Diagram_5-Mar-2020

Moshy Mission can easily be understood by this illustration. It is a bridge between voters and political practitioners. This bridge is a “digital platform o dais” that has been designed for Indian Voters or Citizens, to kick start a constructive communication process with the political framework of democracy. The objective is to enable citizens participate in building the nation, using prescribed processes, work models and creative solutions that are conceived, developed and implemented by the citizens only. The world needs more responsible solutions to the problems that are affecting the global human community. Also quick fix to the problems that delicately hamper day to day life of communities in pockets. Democracy is about an active participation of the people to feel empowered and self reliant thus feel SECURED and HAPPY. Moshy Mission is to develop a new workforce of SOCIAL LEADERS, who work in the society as solution providers.

(Mathura Eco-Sys 18-Mar-2019)

(Mathura Eco-Sys 18-Mar-2019)

While prototyping the Moshy Mission, in the city of Lord Krishna (Mathura), the team conducted a training session Moshy Eco-Sys for the enthusiasts of the city, who stepped forward to lead the mission in the city, as flag bearer. The objective of the mission is to train and support all the members to help build and spread the eco-system of the mission in their respective locations. The leadership team of the mission conducted 2-hrs long training session and also distributed certificates.

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Adv 4-dec-2018-Final

Adv 4-dec-2018-Final

The first ever presentation of the Moshy Mission was given in Allahabad city to an enlighten group of law practitioners of the Allahabad High Court. These self motivated and socially-politically active souls took interest in the mission and helped in setting up a road map for the mission.

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