The philosophy of the mission is collective effort for collective growth. The model of the mission is global that has been designed to attain global peace and happiness, as we all deserve it. As defines by the Mother Nature, one of the key rules of evolution and growth is CHANGE. Past helps in learning to manifest present that does not necessarily mean to have a replica of past. A community that understands and supports this simple concept of evolution of the nature is destined to grow.

The mission is set to support all positive REFORMS. It is one of the key tasks of the mission – the team will kick start structured discussions to change processes, policies or practices for the benefit of society and the country.

Mission is there to support government with the issues that need change for the betterment of the society or county. It will offer solutions too. One of the recent tasks the team kick started is to support PM’s initiative of reviewing performance of government officers. Moshy Mission suggests taking input of the consumers to complete the circle of performance appraisal. Mission also prescribes changes for other convention political practices like political campaign