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Moshy Mission is designed to work for the voters/citizens. As you know It is to work in 4 basic areas with our collective participation. Mission is supported by an organization Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd. which is to develop a work force of Social Leaders, from different parts of the country. The organization will also offer some tangible services to all subscribers like to try out leadership skills as Social Leaders, participate in close group discussions as think tank, participate for referendum voting on specific issues, participate in events and contests, enroll for small training programs and derive other customized benefits for communities. Your contribution is for your mission. Thanks.

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Moshy Mission is the first experiment that is kick started by the people of India. This mission is ours – the voters and citizens of the country. Let us make it a success to support our political framework for doing tangible work for the society – visible and decisive. Now is the time for us to push on and continue this incredible movement. Let us redefine the democracy!

Your Subscription Makes Help Us
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