Digital Bandh (Closedown)

Digital Bandh (Closedown)

Moshy Mission is to redefine many social and political practices. It does not have an intention to break away from any convention practice, without a reason; rather it is to redefine specific practices to reduce the negative affect without damaging the objective/intent of the identified practices. For example, it is their democratic right of political parties to register their disagreements. They call on band to make it visible to the citizens/voters too. But, this practice troubles those, who’re not concerned at all.

The objective of a bandh is to demonstrate agitation by not offering service to the nation for a stipulated time. Moshy Mission offers a paradigm shift, without diluting the objective of a bandh. Now political parties can go for a “Digital Bandhon the Moshy Digital platform.

Parties can use archive images.

Give name (title) to each bandh

They can also give reason/s to their bandh

The area they identify for the bandh can also be depicted with the help of a map

Number of people directly affected

Number of people, supporting the bandh

Duration of the bandh (hours, days)

Benefits for the parties –

There are some significant benefits to the political parties –

  1. A large number of people come to know about their bandh and agenda
  2. Considering the benefit they derive, the cost of hiring a place on Moshy digital platform turns out to be a cost effective proposition for a political party
  3. They also get an idea if people, who are not concerned, are in favor or not. Moshy’s digital platform users will give their opinion/vote by simply saying YES or NO about the bandh. This data can be archived and utilized by a specific party.
  4. Such data of series of bandh can be analyzed and interpreted by political parties for developing strategies for their campaign/s

 Benefits for the society/people –

The first, benefit goes to the country by saving resource and time

Second benefit is not risking the public property at stake

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