Moshy Movement believes in developing solutions as products and services for all the customers. The term “customers” means –

  • Subscribers
  • Customers, who wish to pay for specific time bond services or need customized products to be developed and delivered.
  •  People of the country too.

    Note- the dynamics of customers in case of Moshy Mission, supported by an organization – Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd. is largely similar to any other organization however, there’re some overlap that will be explained in due course as the time progresses, with transparency.


The team is committed to keep on developing processes for offering digital and non-digital services for the customers. The types of services can be convention and non-convention or future based. For example there can be different game based learning programs for the schools and colleges. Also with the help of local Social Leaders different “inventions” will be carried out with the help of bright brains available in the native communities. There won’t be dearth of exciting programs. Subscribers will not only get opportunities but will learn to create opportunities too. Mission’s RnD team will keep on engaging social leaders and subscribers for developing solutions, along with the in-house team.


As in case of services, there will products developed for the customers. Products can be utilized for making us more productive and effective. Creativity is the premise of the Moshy Mission to develop smart quick process enabled or tech enabled solutions. Moshy Model Wisdom Learning (MMWL) and Moshy Comic on Managing Skills are the two readily available products. There’re 3 more such creative products are ready to roll shortly.

Note – Social Leaders and Subscribers can also share ideas with the organization, if selected, the team will develop products on such selected ideas.

PiLs are another important tool that can be utilized for helping government improve their policies and schemes. As the mission is there to support the government, for developing a cohesive and positive eco system in the country.