Moshy Mission requests citizens to spend 1 productive hour for the community and the country, daily.

Mission is designed and implemented according to original blueprint of a democratic set up. Prompting individuals to explore a leader within. Moshy Mission keeps the process simple and straight for all the stake holders to comprehend and practice.


Following are the highlights of the mission that ensure a promising journey of the mission –

  • A simple work model “Moshy’s Digital Campaign blueprint has been written and reviewed by the experts.
  •  An organization – Moshy Movement Pvt. Ltd – exist today to support the mission.
  • Work processes, policies, performance standards are ready to guide the mission.
  •  Recruitment, induction, skilling, learning and development processes for the social leaders are ready.
  • Most of the work happened while managing the Mathura prototype in 2019.

It is a huge investment, when a large number of people (910 million) collectively spend equal number of hours. The mission prescribes simple logical solutions –

  • Active participation for the nation’s growth, by all.
  • Constructive discussions that can easily be implemented.
  • Utilize the mission for quick results.
  • Drift from emotional decision making to rational decision making.
  • Recognize self wisdom for finding solution to any problem.
  • Stay positive, constructive – don’t forget you have followers at home too.
  • Let your leader within contribute building an exciting tomorrow.
  • Let us redefine outdated standards.
  • Let us be more practical, original, simple and creative.