Corona pandemic, economic disruption of 2008 and climate change upheaval are a few of the onslaughts that we are known to. They threaten lives both physically and economically. There are a few who survive and rest, a vast majority, is left to survive in inhuman conditions. Around 80 per cent of our population earning less than Rs 10,000 a month is destroyed. The industry also gets destroyed as buyers from the market disappear leaving inventories of the industry and business. Theories that the high growth rate and trickle down will percolate to them is not truly proved to effective in India to that extent.

While fighting Corona is the top most priority now, what about it’s economic impact on the helpless, the 80 per cent? Moshy Mission, a movement for bringing happiness in each life, has been offering a policy architecture to deal with situations like Corona, economic and climate change disruptions.

The Mission trying to build public opinion on the happiness generating policies through an animated character Mr. Moshy digitally, is also offering solutions like education tools, to begin with. We have already prepared a wisdom learning programme and are working on just-in-time education models.

Moshy Mission proposes four core measures to deal with most of problems of India and ultimately the world. It says almost free justice within one or two years from a court, government or even legislature; equal and almost free education to the children of the president and a rickshaw puller up to 18 years, a happiness allowance of Rs 1000 for each adult each month (nobody excluded) and almost free and equal medical care to the president and the poorest.

Education has to achieve three major goals – emotional and health development till the age of 12 years of age; training to be an effective citizen and responsible social individual and finally self-dependent. As health is part of happiness, a child is taught nutrition, well-rounded emotional personality dealing with difficulties, sports, cooperation, relationship, relationship with flora and fauna, humanity, innovation, creativity, hygiene, sanitation, disaster fighting training, military training, etc, students so trained would be in the frontline to tackle a situation like Corona. They would have helped spread scientific knowledge and protected themselves. We as a nation are not able to perform this duty due to lack of authentic knowledge. Knowledge gaps are filled by whatever outdated stuff we have as we were never trained to acquire right knowledge and skills for a particular situation in our education system. We do not even know the technique of acquiring just-in-time education to deal with a situation like Corona. It is just a brief explanation of education. We also say that all entrance examinations should not carry the condition of graduation so that the people are not forced to waste time and money of parents and the government and the same amount, even less, will take care of education for all till 18 years of age. Education up to 18 years is mandatory.

Happiness allowance of Rs 1000 per month is transferred to each individual from 18 years onwards every month even if somebody is even rich. A question may be asked why rich. The transfer will come with some conditions. It will automatically generate and income an tax return for each individual. A person getting Rs 1000 per month will see this money being deducted for creating unhappy situations like not following hygiene, sanitation, public disorder and things in the category of creating an unhappy situation but not being a criminal act. It will lead to the people following most of instructions that the government asks them to follow for public order, safety and growth. Not following these things leads to the loss of billions of rupees to the exchequer.

Free and universal healthcare will help early or even time-bound scanning of diseases preventing a huge loss of productivity of an individual and loss to the government to deal with high expenditure diseases. When the government is bound to provide free and equal healthcare, it cannot ignore things like environmental degradation, unhealthy food and lifestyle which Moshy Mission education system already teaches.

Similar efforts in the case of Corona would have made the task of the government and the people easier as medical and testing facilities would have been adequate; minimum income loss could have been taken care by the happiness allowance and an informed population would have cooperated with the government. Janata curfew and beating thalis or talis would not have remained just symbolic. It is not late that the government turns to the agenda of the Moshy Mission.

Experts are already saying virus attacks are going to be more frequent than we earlier had due to the humans invading spaces of animals due to either greed or exploring unknown tastes and experiences.

  • Sanjay Sharma – Core Member Moshy Mission